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Wendigo Creature x Reader. synopsis: Living in the practical wilderness of new France, you knew you were never meant to be in the woods after dark. After all, there was something in the forest that was dark and dangerous and it wanted you. notes: assault implications. Keep reading..

King Dice has been sent into VRCHAT to ROLL THE DICE with the souls within! 🎤 VOICEMOD #kingdice #cuphead-----...king dice (cuphead) x reader; King Dice (Cuphead) Reader; Mr. Wheezy (Cuphead) king dice from cuphead finds you intriguing; Cuphead - Freeform; dice is dominant; Dom/sub; Aftercare; Porn With Plot; maybe too much plot; nah; brat tamer; dice can handle your sass; Reader is Sassy; Smut; hardcore smut; Lemon; Oral Sex; Vaginal Sex; Vaginal ...Requested by Alienkiller3000. You made sure Cala was comfortable enough before you two would start this. You were a ninja about to go into war against a rival, and before going out to war you wanted to have one last special night with your beautiful mermaid wife, Cala Maria. You gently massage her breasts and kissed her plump soft lips all the ...

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Djimmi x Reader. 5.5K 47 10. by Thelazybonusduck. Requested by kittens4jc. You were the Big sister of Mugman and Cuphead. A little older by almost ten years but old enough to be a legal guardian. Elder Kettle was out and about in the town while you were supposed to babysit the two boys. As usual the boys were doing their own thing as you were ...My ocs / Rp Book by Mimia. 6.8K18085. Feel free to request to roleplay with anyone. ( art and pictures in the book aren't mine, credits to those they belong to.) demonslayer. haikyuu. aot. +14 more. Read the most popular casinocups stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform.Lemon; Sex; Marvel - Freeform; Language: English Stats: Published: 2021-03-14 Words: 1,207 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 53 Bookmarks: 4 Hits: 1,731. Maybe Dreams Come True - Loki x Reader Lemon Avia_Rein. Summary: Ever so slowly, we both came back down to Earth, a panting sweaty mess of tangled limbs. Releasing my wrists, he pulled me into a ...

Angst with a Happy Ending. Their's no place quite like the Devil's Casino in Inkwell Isle. No place quite as exciting, quite as versatile... no place with quite the potential for Sin. But when you find yourself caught between the two most powerful men in the Isle you may realise that Excitement could have consequences...The world is full of strange monsters that mysteriously appear and cause disasters but it is also a world full with really attractive heroes, villains and an extremely s... sonicxreader. opmoneshots. metalbat. +15 more. # 6. One Punch Man X Reader (One-Shots) by RamRam. 149K 3.3K 17.Lipstick Lover (King Dice X Reader Lemon) Fanfiction **Most Impressive Rating Achieved : #3 in Cuphead** You decide to turn up the charm and wear makeup during your shift at the casino to make a few extra tips. You hadn't expected for King Dice to keep you in his sights. Purple was his favorite color...Reader; Additional Tags: Lemon; Smut; Sex; Language: English Stats: Published: 2021-02-21 Words: 1,075 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 1 Kudos: 227 Bookmarks: 17 Hits: 6,573. I Dare You... | An Angel Dust x Reader Lemon Avia_Rein. Summary: "Truth or Dare." Angel repeated, "I find the easiest way to get to know someone is by playing a little game."

Jul 12, 2023 · King Dice (Cuphead)/Reader; Characters: King Dice (Cuphead) Reader; Additional Tags: Bottom King Dice (Cuphead) this boy is a bottom; he is also a brat; do with that what you will; top reader; Reader is dominant; like really dominant; Color Dice both scared and horny; Smut; Angst and Fluff and Smut; Rough Sex; Sex Toys; Rope Bondage; Bondage ...Ace Up My Sleeve. King Dice hummed as he swept the floor, waiting patiently for Cuphead to arrive. He had invited the boy over to test out a new game at the casino before anyone else. Elder Kettle would have been worried, but Dice had assured him of what the game was and the kettle agreed. Cuphead, excited to try out a new game, especially ... ….

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The Devil (Cuphead)/Reader (29) King Dice (Cuphead)/Reader (12) Cagney Carnation/Reader (5) Mr. Wheezy (Cuphead)/Reader (4) Cuphead (Cuphead)/Reader (3) Beppi the Clown/Reader (3) Baroness von Bon Bon/Reader (3) Hilda Berg/Reader (3) Djimmi the Great/Reader (3) Mangosteen (Cuphead)/Reader (2) Exclude Additional Tags Reader-Insert (7)Read stories about #cagney, #cuphead, and #cagneycarnation on Wattpad, recommended by Sensitive_Haru

X character or reader! Just like all of my other One shot's all the same way. Y'all know the drill! Also art is not by me! Cover art by @Suricatedash. Werner Werman X Fem! Reader X Cagney Carnation. Cagney: "Rat!" Werner: "Vile Weed!"Lipstick Lover (King Dice X Reader Lemon) 78.8K 925 5 **Most Impressive Rating Achieved : #3 in Cuphead** You decide to turn up the charm and wear makeup during your shift at the casino to make a few extra tips. You hadn't expected for King Dice to keep you in his sights. Purple was his favorite color, after all.

asheville citizen times obituaries archives Published: Jan 29, 2022. 57 Favourites. 3 Comments. 9K Views. Another picture of our lovebirds.)) Spinel character Steven Universe. King Dice character Game Cuphead. Image size. 6300x5000px 5.27 MB.King Dice X Female! Reader lemon! Sat, Mar 24, 2018. King Dice X Reader. Sun, Feb 18, 2018. King Dice X Devil X daughter! Reader. Mon, Dec 18, 2017. Djimmi x Reader. ... French! Fem! Reader X King Dice. Sat, Aug 17, 2019. Grim Matchstick X Reader. Wed, Sep 4, 2019. Chips Bettigan X Reader. Thu, Feb 6, 2020. Parent! Dice/Devil X Teen! Demon ... afk arena roving squadcheapest gas barstow Ongoing. Ongoing, First published Aug 19, 2022Lipstick Lover (King Dice X Reader Lemon) Fanfiction **Most Impressive Rating Achieved : #3 in Cuphead** You decide to turn up the charm and wear makeup during your shift at the casino to make a few extra tips. You hadn't expected for King Dice to keep you in his sights. Purple was his favorite color... spn 1327 fmi 31 On the other hand, down in Hell, the Devil is acting strange. Every Valentine’s Day from 100 years from now, a mysterious migraine hits him, forcing him to suspend his devils for take a breath of air outside. Henchmen and the other imps prepared a little party to cheer him up, but the King of Darkness still grieves.Wrath (King Dice x Reader x Devil) Viva_Voce. Chapter 6: Strip Tease Notes: ... It was going to be, but after considering the plot, it would make sense for the first lemon to be between Dice and the Reader, so stay tuned for that! And Enjoy! Chapter Text. It seemed like a terrible idea. To play a game with the devil. Alone. honda crv oil resetpublix soup schedule 2023fatal accident colorado springs today A pretty cat, you've caught the attention of every member in the group- except for Boris. He's kinda young, so … yeah. But as you journey with the questers, the sassy, red-loving Cup brot... One Whole Heart (Re-rise) (Quest! Bendy X Reader) BABTQFTIM. 106 pages November 7, 2020 Elizza Galaxy. kroger tallahassee Refine by tag: A thank you for all the love and support I got on Tumblr and AO3. Ships: 1. PaperHat (Black Hat x Flug) 2. DiceCup (King Dice x Cuphead) 3. Polysanders (Logan x Patton... cuphead is older and when kettle finds out something about cuphead that he is not ok with. He instantly disownes him. shiny scorpion sandrocklantern snow globe cracker barrel3926 teva pill King Dice X Reader. 7.7K 153 31. by Thelazybonusduck. Requested by MarieMichaelis241. You were laying in bed with Dice late at night. He was deep asleep while you lied awake. The light of the moon crawled through a silver path from the window in the room and landed lazily onto the bed. You watched Dice's Chest rise and fall and …Weapons. The Inkwell Isles, once vibrant and full of life, has turned into a desolate land completely overtaken by the undead. Strangers, friends, and even family succumb to the jaws of the zombies that arise from their graves, leaving you and your husband alone in your home, forced to fend for yourselves.